The Italian Character

The Italian Character is the story of one of the most famous orchestras in the world, enriched by repertoire inserts of the last thirty years with great conductors on the most prestigious podium in Rome. How do you design and build a great execution? How does the sound evolve from the first rehearsal to the final applause from crowded halls? What happens among the musicians before going on stage and how do the performers release the tension at the end of the concert?

Through the life events of the individual members of the Orchestra, what is being recounted is a national identity, an unrepeatable historical event, the unique approach to life of a country which is loved in the world but too often misunderstood and sometimes its multifaceted overlapping aspects unfamiliar to most.

Born from Angelo Bozzolini’s dream to undertake a great film about a great orchestra, it offers a cast of interpreters among the most popular and cherished in the world. This film also exists thanks to the courage of Alessandro Melazzini, an independent Italian producer with a German passport, who pursued the shooting that lasted more than two years with his Alpenway Media Production GMBH. The Italian Character is distributed by Euroarts, it has been invited to more than fifteen festivals all over the world and it has been broadcast in many European, Asian and North American countries.

  • RAI 3 – 100′
  • International distributor Euroarts / Medici Tv
  • Produced by Alpenway Media Production GMBH
  • Directed by Angelo Bozzolini
  • Written by Angelo Bozzolini
  • Guests Sir Antonio Pappano, Lang Lang, Stefano Bollani, Janine Jansen, Lisa Batiashvily, James Conlon, Yuri Temirkanov, Valery Gergiev, Denis Matsuev, Evgeny Kissin, Daniel Harding,
  • Editor Paolo Turla, Paolo Buzzetti
  • Sound engineer Davide Pesola
  • Director of photography Lorenzo Scurati
  • Executive producer Alessandro Melazzini, Marisa Scherini