Jan Fabre – Spiritual guards

Jan Fabre – Spiritual Guards, the 2016 exhibition event in Florence is a unique opportunity to get to know firsthand the work of the Flemish artist. The Forte di Belvedere, Palazzo Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, provide a noble backdrop to a total exhibition that collects works created by Fabre throughout his career. In this documentary, shot during the setting up of the exhibition, Jan Fabre talks about himself to the Italian audience for the first time: the life, the works, the poetics of a great artist of our time.

  • 2016, Ita, col, 26’
  • Produced by Aut Aut
  • Directed by Lorenzo Scurati
  • Producers Angelo Bozzolini, Lorenzo Scurati
  • Written by Melania Rossi, Lorenzo Scurati
  • Soundtrack Alvise Seggi, Alessandra Ammara, Alessandro Cipriani, Davide Scioli, Michele Lo Savio.
  • Photography Adriano Galli
  • Editor Marco Rovetto.
  • With Jan Fabre, Sergio Risaliti, Melania Rossi, Joanna De Vos.