Ballboys is the reason why Aut Aut started producing in 2015 in order to face the complex production of a program, strongly desired by CONI, FIT and the broadcaster Sportcast, in all its intricacies and with total independence,.

The endorsed concept was to create a series along the lines of the documentaries made famous by MTV, such as Gymnasts, Footballers and Dancers-that Angelo Bozzolini had curated in 2012 as author, project leader and director-also for the world of tennis, and of the young talents who during the Internazionali BNL d’Italia work as Ballboys.

The production lasted for six months and is a discreet but incisive entry into the lives of six young protagonists, alongside them the chorus of almost a hundred young colleagues and obviously the who’s who of tennis. The champions are filmed on the tennis court, while training and so close up

 like no docu camera had ever done before. Thanks to the use of special lenses and cinematic lenses, the spectator’s gaze becomes catapulted into the field, with a double narrative: the game as it usually is followed from the stands and a more intimate account, filmed close up on the pitch. 

  • Supertennis – 13 episodes,  30′
  • Narrated by Veronica Gentili
  • Directed by Angelo Bozzolini, Lorenzo Scurati
  • Written by  Angelo Bozzolini, Lorenzo Scurati, Beatrice Coletti
  • Editor Paolo Turla, Aline Hervé
  • Sound engineer Vittorio Melloni
  • Director of photography Lorenzo Scurati, Andrea Sproviero
  • Executive producer Angelo Bozzolini, Lorenzo Scurati