Che storia è la musica

Che Storia è la Musica was born with the intention of introducing classical music to the widest possible audience. It was a challenge that Aut Aut and Ezio Bosso took up on the field of generalist television in prime time, thus tackling on RAI3 the most crucial task that can be dared on television. This program addresses those who do not know music thoroughly, those who fear its implications too high and complicated to understand. As in a fairytale, the deeds of great composers are conveyed as daily actions of men and women like each one of us and described to distinguished studio guests, including journalists, sports champions, actors, doctors who, seated to the left of the conductor, put themselves on the line as common spectators.

Che storia è la musica was much coveted by RAI as a testimony of its public service mandate. A success of TV and social ratings, first in the national Twitter trend, it still remains a symbolic example of high Italian culture redesigned for the generalist audience.

  • RAI 3 –  200′ ca. Aired 25th December 2019
  • Produced by Aut Aut Srl with RAI Radio Televisione Italiana
  • Concept Ezio Bosso e Angelo Bozzolini
  • MC Director Ezio Bosso
  • Art director Angelo Bozzolini
  • Authors Ezio Bosso, Angelo Bozzolini, Luciano Federico, Giorgio D’Introno

The pieces performed are:

  • In Her Name, The Sea Rain – Ezio Bosso
  • Symphony n. 5 in the minor op. 67 – Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Symphony n. 7 in the largest op. 92 by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Bows quartet n. 13 in SI BEAMOLLE greater op. 130 of Ludwig van Beethoven
  • La Traviata, I act – Prelude by Giuseppe Verdi

Alessandra Facchinetti, Nicoletta Mantovani, Anna Tifu, Enrico Mentana, Gino Strada, Andrea Lo Cicero, Andrea Zanotti and Il Coro della Sosat, Roby Facchinetti, Luca Bizzarri, Alfonso Signorini