From imagination to writing and shooting. After twenty years of experience in the field of film and television production, in 2015 the director Angelo Bozzolini founded AUT AUT with Lorenzo Scurati.

Moved by the intent to redefine their own working destiny and facing the existential crossroads thematised in Kierkegaard’s text, the choice went in the direction of creativity and independence. The daily challenge is to deliver high quality content in a Pop style. Entertainment that is also informative. The most recent successes, from Notte di Luce to Che Storia è la Musica, from Grande Amore to A modo mio, are the result of many years of study, observation on the set and listening to the voices of the many protagonists whose lives are often extraordinary and who agreed to tell their story. AUT AUT puts itself on the market with the intent of developing content to be made accessible to all, and to work on grass-roots stories finding a compelling key, always delving with an immersive method. This path has made solid collaborations with various customers and distributors including RAI 1, RAI 3, Sky Arte, SWR, Euroarts, Medici TV, SKY Uk and many others.

Our collaborators

The authors

Giorgio D’Introno

With his roots in Puglia and his heart on his next destination, he began working in the audiovisual sector in 2002 in the USA. He worked in collaboration with Aut Aut on Che storia è la Musica, Che storia è il Natale and Grande Amore first and second season. Among other works he signed as author and director, Master of Photography, Big Brother VIP, The Mystery of the Lost Masterpieces and Monet’s Water Lilies – a spell of water and light.

Luciano Federico

He was born in Sanremo in 1968. Since his graduation from Gigi Proietti’s Laboratory of Scenic Exercises in 1990, he has devoted himself to a career as a television author. Among his main programs  he boasts Colorado cafè on ITALIA 1, X Factor 1 and 2 for RAI2, Italia’s Next top model SKY1, Concert of the 1st of May RAI3 (editions 2015-2016-2017) and Una ora solo vivrei with Enrico Brignano for RAI2. He worked in collaboration with Aut Aut in the writing of Che storia è la musica and Che Storia è il Natale, for RAI3.

Sara Lorenzini

Born in Rome in 1981. Graduated with honours in Communication Sciences, with a thesis on Italian docu-fiction. She has taught Format Management and Production at Lumsa University. With Aut Aut she has written the two seasons of Grande Amore. Among the many TV programs, he has signed Commissioners on the trail of evil for Rai Tre, The Secret Millionaires for Italia 1, La Porta dei Sogni for Rai 1. She has collaborated on Mafia Capitale for Rai 3 and on So far So close for Rai 1. For Mondadori, Italian fiction, she has published three novels.

The video editors

Gianluca De Petris

Pragmatic designer. After graduating in Fine Arts he devoted himself to Motion graphic, Compositing and VFX.
Among the main audiovisual products he collaborates with are: “Christian”, “Me vs. You-The Mystery of the Enchanted School”, “Marylin has black eyes” and “Trash”.  For Aut Aut he designed the graphic projects of: “Che Storia è la Musica”, “Che Storia è il Natale”, “Grande Amore” and “Notte di Luce”.

Matteo Lucernari

Born in 1994, after the classical diploma he specialised in editing from the Civic School of Cinema and Television in Milan.
Back in Rome he has worked for numerous TV programs including FuoriRoma, Che ci Faccio Qui, Boss in incognito, Una Pezza di Lundini. He was second assistant editor on Gianni Amelio’s La Tenerezza.
He has collaborated with Aut Aut on Che storia è la musica, Che Storia è il Natale, A modo Mio, and Grande Amore, first and second season.

Marco Rovetto

Born in Rome, he graduated in modern literature at La Sapienza University of Rome. He became interested in digital editing while visiting the visual anthropology lab within the faculty of Literature and Philosophy. He is a senior editor and post art director. With Aut Aut he has worked on the edition of the documentary Jan Fabre, Spiritual Guards, the RAI 3 series A modo mio and collaborated in the artistic direction of the program Grande Amore first season.
Among his works he boasts FuoriRoma, Che ci faccio qui and L ’Odissea, series all produced for Raitre.

Alberto Stanghellini

Born in Rome in 1973, he is a Senior Editor and Color Grading Colorist. The main collaborations with Aut Aut are: Che storia è la musica by Ezio Bosso and Angelo Bozzolini and Grande Amore second season.
Among the main works he has collaborated on, he boasts Master of Photography for SkyArte, Commissioners on the trail of evil for Rai3 and Così Vicino, Così Lontano for RaiUno.

Paolo Turla

Born in Rome in 1970, he is a senior editor. He has collaborated with Aut Aut for Grande Amore, Ballboys, The Italian Character.
Among his most important works he boasts the series Scomparsi , Le Ragazze  conducted by Gloria Guida on RAI 3 and Via dei Matti n.0 with Stefano Bollani, also for RAI 3. He is first assistant editor for the film Martin Eden, awarded at the Festival of Venice 2019.