Mendelssohn Unknown

Angelo Bozzolini, with this film, in collaboration with Roberto Prosseda and Luigi Melecchi, inaugurates the production activity aimed at an international distribution. The relevance of this documentary is based on the use of unpublished letters, and in particular the intense epistolary exchange between the composer and his beloved sister Fanny. The letters are complemented by evocative images taken from period films (early 1900s) conveying the flavour of a world as if seen through the eyes of Felix and his contemporaries. A mixture of music and words, suggestions and arguments brought by some of the greatest experts of the romantic composer. The viewer is guided through the main events of his life and his extraordinary career. Various topics are covered in the story of his training years: his religious and cultural identity, the journey to Italy and his rediscovery of Bach, the years of Leipzig and how the memory of him was kept deliberately concealed in the years immediately following his death by Nazi censorship.

  • RAI 3 – 52′
  • International distributor Euroarts Medici / Tv
  • Produced by Angelo Bozzolini, Roberto Prosseda, Luigi Melecchi
  • Narrating voice Elio, Paolo Villaggio, Paolo Bonacelli, Giuliana De Sio, Adriano Giannini
  • Directed by Angelo Bozzolini
  • Written by Angelo Bozzolini, Roberto Prosseda
  • Guests Charles Rosen, Roberto Prosseda, Luciano Violante, Lang Lang, Kurt Masur, Riccardo Chailly, Steven Isserlis
  • Sound engineer Vittorio Melloni
  • Director of photography Angelo Bozzolini
  • Executive producer Luigi Melecchi