Grande Amore 1

Grande amore was born from the collaboration of the Aut Aut work team with the entertainment department of RAI 3. The series, which aired in prime time in the spring of 2019, in the course of five episodes of 50’ and for a portion of the overall narrative, aims to investigate examples of romantic relationships made impossible by extraordinary and ever-changing factors. The opposition of family members, betrayal, excessively pathological relational dynamics (alcoholism, gambling addiction, depression), can be at the basis of painful renunciations, where the love relationship is not crowned with a happy ending. Each story has as its protagonist a universally known female personality: Grace Kelly, Maria Callas, Elizabeth Taylor, Yoko Ono and Dalida. Their stories are recounted on the basis of a well-known love story (for example that of Liz Taylor with Richard Burton or that of Yoko with John Lennon). In each episode, the love affair of well-known personalities is paralleled by  that of a couple of ordinary people, totally unknown to the general public. The red thread that binds the stories of the two couples is represented by the inability to love each other freely. In the case of the contemporary couple, however, the narrative weaving offers an example of how to overcome the obstacle that prevents the love bond. By exploring the ties between well-known stars and choosing stories apparently totally different but inextricably intertwining them in the writing as a dense and breathtaking weave, we find elements that feature the life of each one of us, letting us understand that in love, perhaps more than in any other aspect of our lives, we are first of all human beings, with our fragilities and reactive strength.

  • RAI 3 – 5 episodes, 50′ + 6 episodes 50′
  • Produced by Aut Aut Srls
  • Conducted by Carla Signoris
  • Directed byAngelo Bozzolini
  • Screenplay Angelo Bozzolini, Sara Lorenzini, Federica De Paolis, Francesca Fabbri, Giorgio D’Introno.
  • Guests Paolo Mieli, Marina Cicogna, Red Ronny, Vieri Razzini, Francesco Vezzoli, Giuliana De Sio, Lino Banfi, Fabiola Sciabarrasi, Andrea Delogu, Francesco Montanari, Nicoletta Mantovani, Alda D’Eusanio.
  • Editor Massimiliano Cecchini , Silvia Di Domenico, Alberto Stanghellini, Paolo Turla, Antonello Pierleoni.
  • Sound engineer Filippo Toso
  • Director of photography Roberto Lucarelli
  • Set designer Stefano Giambanco
  • Costume designer Flavia Liberatori
  • Excetuvi producer Lia Chiovari