Fryderyck Chopin

No composer like Chopin boasts such a prestigious artistic legacy. The greatest personalities in classical music today have used words expressing not only respect and admiration for a compositional intelligence equal to few others in the history of music, but also deep love. This film enters the deep folds of the suffering soul of a greatly charismatic but incredibly fragile man by revisiting the few letters that remain from him; he takes us by the hand to the places that inspired the young composer, first in Poland and in France, then in Paris. We retrace the highlights in the life of Fryderyk Chopin, helped by leading musicologists and refined interpreters, from the Polish countryside where he was born, to the capital Warsaw, in the salons of the Parisian nobility.

  • RAI 3 – 52′
  • International distributor Euroarts Medici / Tv
  • Produced by Angelo Bozzolini, Roberto Prosseda, Luigi Melecchi
  • Narrating voice Fabrizio Bentivoglio , Margherita Buy
  • Directed by Angelo Bozzolini
  • Written by Angelo Bozzolini, Roberto Prosseda
  • GuestsCharles Rosen, Martha Argerich, Daniel Barenboim, Alexander Lonquich, Bobby Mc Ferrin
  • Editor Matteo Parisini
  • Sound engineer Davide Pesola
  • Director of photography Lorenzo Scurati
  • Executive producer Luigi Melecchi