Notte di luce

Notte di Luce is a journey through the magic of sound. A great television event that saw the sequence of words of philosophers, writers, historians, but above all great traditional and contemporary music, in the extraordinary monumental scenography of the Piazza del Comune, in Cremona.

Notte di Luce was strongly sought after as a symbol of the rebirth in light from the darkness caused by SarsCovid2, and from the long period of suffering lived with dignity and composure by the city of Cremona, one of the cities most affected by the epidemic. At the same time, a sign of hope, of a real restart for the city, for the territory and for the country at large.

The program was realised thanks to the unanimous commitment of many both public and private entities from the city of Cremona and beyond-led by the Municipality of Cremona, Bosch and LGH – A2A Group

Produced entirely in Cremona, the TV format was broadcast on August 29, 2020 by Rai 1.

  • Produced by Comune di Cremona e LGH Gruppo A2A
  • Concept Gerardo Paloschi
  • Musicdirector Federico Longo
  • Art director, team leader and director Angelo Bozzolini
  • Executive producer Chiara Delogu
  • Director of photography Emanuele Garavelli
  • Editor Giuseppe di Fede e Riccardo Guarneri
  • Presented by Monica Giandotti
  • With Flavio Caroli, Sandro Cappelletto, Angelo Pan, Maura Gancitano e Antonio Scurati

The four pieces of contemporary music featured in the episode (La via del corallo, Hod, Lamed and Notte di Luce) were composed and directed by M ° Federico Longo for the Cremonese event and performed by the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra with solo musicians Alessandro Carbonare, Clarissa Bevilacqua and Carlo Guaitoli.

From the Violin Museum Roberto Prosseda performed the sonata by W.A.Mozart K332 in F major, and the Bagatella by L.V. Beethoven Op.126 N.6

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Photo courtesy by Giovanni Canitano